Artist Social 2.0

Nabil leads a listening exercise at the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts.

This Sunday The Seven Collective gathered folks at MOCADA to build on
creative resistance and self preservation. Check out a description of the event below
and enjoy a wonderful gallery of photographs by journalist Joy Notoma.

Embrace Disruption & Self-Care as Acts of Virtue
State violence on black bodies, violence against women and transgender people, xenophobia, destruction of the environment, and on and on. You’re compelled to stand up against injustice but also feel overwhelmed, hurt or hopeless.

The Seven Collective invites you to discuss how we can disrupt the status quo and take care of ourselves in the process. We’ll have a panel of professionals from the world of performing arts, education, mental health, and finance. The panel will be followed by interactive activities that everyone in attendance can use as next steps toward disruption and self-care.

Rene Bosolet Jr. — Rebellious Creative and Bronx Native
Jordan Dann — Coach, Educator and Experience Architect
Rajeeyah Finnie-Myers — Culture Worker
Lisa Green — Movement Specialist and Holistic Health Practitioner
Terry Mitchell — Wealth Advisor, Educator and Activist
Jill Sigman — Interdisciplinary Artist and Cultural Change Agent
Kamau Ware — Artist Historian, Black Gotham Experience

David King & Nabil Viñas — The Seven Collective

Caryn Davidson — Artist and Activist
Viktoria I.V. King — Cyne 59’s “We Are Human” Campaign


Providing a forum for critical dialogue, community, awareness and active follow-up.