Nabil featured in Arts & Humanities at the Intersection

Nabil was featured at Arts & Humanities at the Intersection as part of a series called #ArtistsConnect. The program is part of Intersections International, an organization that leads people to unite across lines of difference in mutual pursuit of social justice, globally and locally. They are active at the crossroads of some of our world’s most critical conflicts, engage dissimilar communities in dialogue, service, advocacy and artistic expression. Learn more about their work


This week’s #ArtistsConnect post features Nabil Vinas, an award-winning actor and writer who was born and raised in Washington Heights, NYC. Nabil, also a former cast member of “Cadence: Home,” a TE’A production shares his reflections below:

“We’re really only allowed to express rage in sports or on stage or allowed to cry in movie theaters and funerals. Actors give us a vicarious experience that reminds us of our humanity. I’m proud to be part of that, and as a Latino man I make it my business to share vulnerabilities in my work to challenge our stereotype.

Racial equality is central to my work as a filmmaker, though I don’t necessarily write about it. Many Black/Latino films cater to what we think these groups want to see, so they’re pushed into a corner and viewed as niche. When ‘White’ filmmakers tell any type of story, the rest of us are expected to see them as “universal” or “normal”. I intend to contribute to the cannon that redefines what we call “universal” in our cinema.

I’m a co-lead actor and creative producer of the new feature film “Tomorrow Ever After,” which just premiered and won BEST FEATURE along with the AUDIENCE CHOICE Awards at Moondance International Film Festival. I am also developing my first feature film as writer and producer, adapting a novel by a well known Latino author.

Also, my short film “Come Back Hailey,” which I wrote and produced, is now available for free online:

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