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“electric acting…feels more like you’re a fly on the wall during a real incident, not a fictional film. The anger and sadness of JIM (Nabil Viñas) comes through loud and clear. Never an overly soft performance, or on the other end of the scale, completely over the top…

The two play off one and other like they truly have a history and something to lose. As far as the general state of acting goes within independent productions, ‘The Cat’s Cradle’ managed to hold itself high above so many others.”





“perfectly cast. They dance around one another just as you’d expect a married couple to do…it’s the acting that awesomely pushes it through”

“feels deeply personal, and is performed by her and Nabil Viñas as if it’s real life…the performances by Sorensen and Viñas throughout the film are strong”









“Both Sorenson and Viñas (who I must say closely resembles fellow actor Jeremy Piven) have solid chemistry together and their dialogue flows organically…each of the performances command your attention”
— Adam The Movie God

“Nabil Viñas, who plays your partner in the film, is really wonderful…feels like you guys have been partners for years.”
— Al Nigrin, NJ PATCH