JCC Film Presents: Tomorrow Ever After

JCC FILM will present Tomorrow Ever After by Ela Thier.
Cast and Crew will be present for a Q&A.

Tomorrow Ever After, 95min, 2016

Shaina lives 600 years in the future. War, greed, prejudice, poverty, pollution, violence, loneliness, depression – these are things that she’s read about in history books. When an accident in a physics experiment sends her on a time-travel journey to our times, she assumes that everyone around her is honest, generous and caring, as she recruits the help that she needs to get back home

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JCC Manhattan
334 Amsterdam Ave
Tues, Oct 3 7PM

Reviews and Awards:

Her writing and direction are resourceful and assured, and her performance is as delightful as it is imbued with political commentary …In its sweet but pointed way, saying a good deal with relatively little, and in unpredictable ways, the film is also a critique of art as corporate product, especially in the realm of sci-fi franchise extravaganzas.

One of the most entertaining, provocative, and original sci-films of the year.


Ela Thier brings a fresh perspective …Thier plays the kooky interloper with the same open and unguarded childlike naiveté as Robin Williams’ beloved alien Mork …Ultimately, “Tomorrow Ever After,” contains a hopeful message that somehow, the world just might end up a better place.

Built around Thier’s dignity and gentle humor… she emanates charismatic warmth and seems genuinely engaged with the film’s theme of compassion in an era of despair.


Thier’s sensibility offers such a welcome break… inviting audiences to see our modern-day world through fresh eyes. 

Played with touching insight and natural beauty …provided me with a newfound hopefulness and a new sense of wonder for my fellow humans.


WINNER – Best American Indie, Fort Lauderdale Int’l Film Festival
WINNER – Best Feature Film, Moondance Int’l Film Festival
WINNER – Audience Choice, Moondance Int’l Film Festival
WINNER – Best Director, Flickers Rhode Island Int’l Film Festival
WINNER – Best Leading Actor, Escape Velocity Sci-fi Film Festival
NOMINATIONS – Best Comedy, Best Actress, Best Score, Madrid Int’l Film Festival
SELECTED – Movie of the Week, Alliance of Women Film Journalists