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“electric acting…feels more like you’re a fly on the wall during a real incident, not a fictional film. The anger and sadness of JIM (Nabil Viñas) comes through loud and clear. Never an overly soft performance, or on the other end of the scale, completely over the top…

The two play off one and other like they truly have a history and something to lose. As far as the general state of acting goes within independent productions, ‘The Cat’s Cradle’ managed to hold itself high above so many others.”





“perfectly cast. They dance around one another just as you’d expect a married couple to do…it’s the acting that awesomely pushes it through”

“feels deeply personal, and is performed by her and Nabil Viñas as if it’s real life…the performances by Sorensen and Viñas throughout the film are strong”









“Both Sorenson and Viñas (who I must say closely resembles fellow actor Jeremy Piven) have solid chemistry together and their dialogue flows organically…each of the performances command your attention”
— Adam The Movie God

“Nabil Viñas, who plays your partner in the film, is really wonderful…feels like you guys have been partners for years.”
— Al Nigrin, NJ PATCH

Finale for bareNaked Reading Series

Barefoot Theatre Company presented a sneak peek at the upcoming 18th anniversary season on Monday.  The final bareNaked Reading Series presented by Hi-ARTS featured a staged reading of the rarely produced, political drama, Not About Nightingales by Tennessee Williams. The event also featured fine art by J. Eric Cook, Ad Tumulum Arts. And Live Music from Renee Goust (pictured below).


by Tennessee Williams
directed by Francisco Solorzano

FEATURING Caitlin FitzGerald, Maria Paz Alegre, David Anzuelo, Reuben Barsky, Jeremy Brena, Peter Collier, Kathryn Danielle, Charles Everett, Gabriel Furman, Czarina Mada, Roderick Boyd Nash, Stacey Raymond, Bobby Daniel Rodriguez, Gilberto Ron, Nino Shengelaia, Francisco Solorzano, Eric Svendsen, Nabil Viñas, Christopher Whalen and more!!!

The play itself focuses on a group of inmates who go on a hunger strike in attempt to better their situation. Williams gained inspiration for the play after reading newspaper accounts of inmates who suffocated in a steam room in a Pennsylvania prison.

 is a multicultural collective of actors, writers, directors and filmmakers specializing in the development and incubation of new work and the cultivation of new attention for lesser-known works by long-established authors, with a vital, thought-provoking eye toward themes of diversity and inclusion.

The Cat’s Cradle NOW STREAMING!

THE CAT’S CRADLE premiered at the Twin Cities Film Festival in Minnesota
on October 24, 2014. It went on to screen at 29 festivals in 21 states and 3 countries,
earning awards and nominations all along the way. Today it finally becomes
available to stream online here!   PLAY NOW

EXCEPTIONAL DUO/ENSEMBLE ACTING – Sanford International Film Festival (ME)
BEST SHORT FILM – New Jersey International Film Festival (NJ)
BEST ROMANTIC DRAMA – The Indie Gathering International Film Festival (OH)
BEST ACTOR [Nabil Viñas] – Atlas Awards (MA)
SILVER WHISKERS AWARD [June Best of Fest] – IndieWorks (NY)
BEST ENSEMBLE PERFORMANCE [Tawny Sorensen & Nabil Viñas] – IndieWorks (NY)

BEST SHORT FILM – Emerge Film Festival (ME)
BEST DIRECTOR [David Spaltro] – Emerge Film Festival (ME)
BEST ACTRESS [Tawny Sorensen] – Hill Country Film Festival (TX)
BEST SHORT FILM – Long Island International Film Expo (NY)

Nabil Viñas, David Spaltro, Tawny Sorensen and Craig Nobbs

A night of intimacy for Jim and Amy, a young couple looking to conceive, turns into a night of confessions and mutual betrayal that changes their relationship forever.

Starring: Nabil Viñas and Tawny Sorensen
Director: David Spaltro
Writer: Tawny Sorensen
Producer: Craig Nobbs
Executive Producers: Debbie Lynn Elias and Kevin Malone
Associate Producer: Julie Yap and Tawny Sorensen
Director Of Photography: Gus Sacks
Lead AC: Rachel Fedorkova
Gaffer: Jack Studeny Finlay
Supervising Sound Editor: Mielle Ezra
Sound Mixer: Jeff Gaumer
Original Music: Mielle Ezra, Adrian Bagner, Radi Pina
Editor: David Spaltro
Key PA: Teena Omar
Set Photographer: Brian Hotaling

MAJOR PRESS for Tomorrow Ever After!

a fresh perspective …Thier plays the kooky interloper with the same
open and unguarded childlike naiveté as Robin Williams’ beloved alien Mork
…Ultimately, “Tomorrow Ever After,” contains a hopeful message that
somehow, the world just might end up a better place.



Her writing and direction are resourceful and assured,
and her performance is as delightful as it is imbued with political commentary
…In its sweet but pointed way, saying a good deal with relatively little,
and in unpredictable ways,
the film is also a critique of art as corporate product,
especially in the realm of sci-fi franchise extravaganzas.



Played with touching insight and natural beauty
…provided me with a newfound hopefulness and a new
sense of wonder for my fellow humans.


Built around Thier’s dignity and gentle humor…
she emanates charismatic warmth and seems genuinely engaged with
the film’s theme of compassion in an era of despair.



Thier’s sensibility offers such a welcome break…
inviting audiences to see our modern-day world through fresh eyes.



It is a rare film that insinuates itself so gently into your consciousness,
and then opens up like a stealth bomb inside your mind and heart.
I felt very different after watching Tomorrow Ever After.

The human condition in all of its glory and mess comes into sharp focus.

written and performed with a tenderness rarely seen in mainstream films.
As sweet and hopeful as it is, there is power in it
and a call to change our cold, lonely ways.


Original and charming, Tomorrow Ever After achieves what few films manage to:
Giving viewers a truly fresh perspective on their current circumstances.


Thier’s DIY film delivers its sanguine and timely message like
a well aimed punch to the funny bone.



witty and outrageously funny screenplay by Ela Thier
…[she] gives a spirited performance that’s a joy to watch in every scene.
She has terrific comedic timing and panache …one of the most entertaining,
provocative and original sci-fi films of the year.

unquestionably one of the most personal and singular films I’ve seen this year.
Her voice is an original and welcome addition to independent American cinema.

This smart, entertaining indie …mixes comedy and
science fiction to tell a story that resonates deeply in these unsettled times…
Tomorrow Ever After offers a charmingly unique take. Its sharp yet
whimsical tone is clearly the work of a singular mindset

simultaneously funny and tear-jerking
nothing short of extraordinary
laugh-out-loud funny and gut wrenching

HUFFPOST calls Nabil “Charismatically Handsome”

Milton [Nabil Viñas] and Imani [Ebbe Bassey] holds hands in Tomorrow Ever After

Check Nabil out with the sweet mention in The Huffington Post : )

“When she encounters Milton (played by the charismatically handsome Nabil Viñas) her positivity cannot even grasp that he’s trying to mug her.”


Artist Social 2.0

Nabil leads a listening exercise at the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts.

This Sunday The Seven Collective gathered folks at MOCADA to build on
creative resistance and self preservation. Check out a description of the event below
and enjoy a wonderful gallery of photographs by journalist Joy Notoma.

Embrace Disruption & Self-Care as Acts of Virtue
State violence on black bodies, violence against women and transgender people, xenophobia, destruction of the environment, and on and on. You’re compelled to stand up against injustice but also feel overwhelmed, hurt or hopeless.

The Seven Collective invites you to discuss how we can disrupt the status quo and take care of ourselves in the process. We’ll have a panel of professionals from the world of performing arts, education, mental health, and finance. The panel will be followed by interactive activities that everyone in attendance can use as next steps toward disruption and self-care.

Rene Bosolet Jr. — Rebellious Creative and Bronx Native
Jordan Dann — Coach, Educator and Experience Architect
Rajeeyah Finnie-Myers — Culture Worker
Lisa Green — Movement Specialist and Holistic Health Practitioner
Terry Mitchell — Wealth Advisor, Educator and Activist
Jill Sigman — Interdisciplinary Artist and Cultural Change Agent
Kamau Ware — Artist Historian, Black Gotham Experience

David King & Nabil Viñas — The Seven Collective

Caryn Davidson — Artist and Activist
Viktoria I.V. King — Cyne 59’s “We Are Human” Campaign


Providing a forum for critical dialogue, community, awareness and active follow-up.


Nabil Joins Acclaimed Barefoot Team

We’re excited to announce that Nabil formally became an ensemble member of the critically acclaimed Barefoot Theatre Company. Barefoot produces exciting and innovative work, garnering an OOBR Award for Excellence, three New York Innovative Theatre Awards to go along with the attention and praise of The New York Times, New York Daily News and Boston Globe.

Barefoot has also recently branched into independent film, producing three short films with more projects in development. Nabil is thrilled to be welcomed into such a talented family of creatives and can’t wait to collaborate with this prestigious group on both stage and screen.

Learn more about Barefoot at



“Paradise Lost” on Discovery ID

It’s Honolulu, Hawaii in 1931. When the young aristocratic wife of a Naval Lieutenant is discovered bruised and beaten by the side of a dark road, a hackneyed scheme and a trigger-happy hand will lead to the most sensational murder trial in Hawaii’s history.

This past Thursday, Dec 27, A Crime To Remember aired it’s fourth episode of the season,  Paradise Lost. Nabil plays Detective Furtado, the lead agent on the case. Watch a clip below.

WINNER, Best American Indie for Tomorrow Ever After at FLIFF!


Savor Cinema, Ft Lauderdale. Photograph by Gregory Von Hausch.

I was down in Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale, Florida this past week to screen Tomorrow Ever After as part of the 31st Annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival. The audiences were incredibly excited and we had a blast talking to folks afterwards. We are proud to share that our film took home the BEST AMERICAN INDIE award, placing it alongside Lion (Dev Patel, Rooney Mara, Nicole Kidman) as one of the fest’s shining pieces.

The film has now won four awards after screening at it’s first three festivals. We have a feeling there will be more to come. Keep up with the project at

Memo and Nabil Viñas at Radio Caracol 1260AM


Another Award for Tomorrow Ever After at Flickers’ Rhode Island!


Tomorrow Ever After was a selection of the Vortex Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror segment for FLICKERS’ Rhode Island International Film Festival. The film’s director, Ela Thier, took home the BEST DIRECTOR Award, which now makes two festivals and three awards for this powerful feature film. Stay tuned for Fort Lauderdale and keep up with the film at

producer Inna Braude and writer-director-actress Ela Thier with the awards for Moondance Int'l Film Festival

producer Inna Braude and writer-director-actress Ela Thier at Moondance Int’l Film Festival