Nabil to appear in new series “Caught In The Act”

Nabil has been cast to play DETECTIVE ANDREWS in the new comedic series “Caught In The Act”.  The show is about a troubled actor who is forced to use his acting “super powers” to solve the murder of his friend, and in doing so uncovers a conspiracy that threatens to destroy actors everywhere! It is the brainchild of talented writer-director Vance Tucker.

Learn more about the series and how to support it at

Theatre Is Easy (another Goliath review)

“…but there is never any political comment imposed on the play. Instead, the characters’ stories speak for themselves and the audience is able to interpret things individually. As a result, Goliath avoids that agitprop, anti-war trap and instead lets the story feel authentic…” – Molly Marinik

Goliath was reviewed by Molly Marinik of “Theatre Is Easy”. They are a group of knowledgeable theatre professionals and insightful audience members whose mission is simple: to provide information in a compact, easy-to-understand way, thereby creating a larger and more knowledgeable audience pool for New York theatre, both on and off Broadway.

You can read their full review of Goliath at

Goliath Review



“…at times I felt sympathetic towards David and other times I hated his guts because of the decisions he made in the play. These are very realistic attitudes we all are confronted with because thousands of American soldiers are returning to civilian life…” – Kilusan Bautista

Kilusan Bautista has written a review of the play Goliath for online magazine “Urban Crazes“. The article covers relevance, performance style and personal impact. A performance artist and humanitarian, Bautista is the creator of solo show Universal Self. You can read his complete Goliath review at

Interview for

BH: If you could say one thing to your potential audience about the show, what would it be?
NV: I heard Daniel Radcliffe strips in it. But that might just be a rumor.”

Byrne Harrison of has conducted an interview with Nabil Viñas about Goliath. You can read the entire interview and keep up with more off and off-off-broadway news at Tickets for Goliath are on sale at

GOLIATH is this week!


This week Poetic Theater Productions is hosting POETIC LICENSE, a festival of theater and performance that will be featuring Goliath by Takeo Rivera.

Goliath is a choreopoem in a style not very different from For Colored Girls… by Ntozake Shange. It centers on a young soldier DAVID (Nabil) coming to terms with his actions in Iraq.

All performances will be at WILD PROJECT
195 E 3rd Street between Avenues A & B

Wednesday January 4 @ 7:00pm
Saturday January 7 @ 7:00pm
Sunday January 8 @ 7:00pm

You can purchase your tickets at a discount by using code: Goliath10
For more info on the show, the rest of the festival and the exciting company, you can visit:

David King and Friend

Nabil was the first guest of David King’s new series “David King and Friend”. David will be documenting walks around New York City with a “friend” and sharing the experience at DKandF. He creates the entire thing by himself on a FLIPcam. The above is a short promo.

Nabil cast to play DAVID in GOLIATH

Nabil will be playing DAVID in the revival of GOLIATH, a choreopoem based on true events. It is being presented on two nights as part of “POETIC LICENSE”, a festival of Poetic Theatre. He is excited to join the team over at Poetic Theatre Productions and hopes to share some of the experience with you guys right here on the website.

About Goliath:

In the wake of Osama Bin Laden’s death… as the troops are coming home… who is taking responsibility for our actions abroad?

A spoken-word choreopoem written and produced in the midst of the Iraq War, the first production of Goliath was met with both acclaim and controversy.

Today, as the American military is coming out of Iraq and we as a society are trying to comprehend what sort of a footprint we’ve left there, Goliath provides a way to look deeper into what we do during times of war, what becomes excusable and what’s not, and what the basis is for understanding what it means to love when violence is part of the norm.

Workshop with Ela Thier

Nabil has been accepted into the film acting workshop over at The Independent Film School. It’s instructed by prolific writer and independent filmmaker Ela Thier. The group includes an incredibly talented and diverse pool of writers, directors and actors. You can learn more about the artist and the school at their websites: and Above is Ela’s Reel, and the following is her compelling Mission Statement:


I’m a filmmaker because I have two long-range goals: My first long-term goal is to do my part in transitioning our society from one that is centered around profits, to one that is centered around human needs. My second goal is to enjoy my life. Making films brings me closer to both of these goals.

When I began to teach, I realized that I’m not alone in having these goals. Although it continues to be my role to support artists in whatever goals and visions they have for themselves and their work, I am also inspired by the prospect of being just one member of an entire cadre of filmmakers whose work is aimed to better the world, and to enjoy it.

Big-money studios have no choice but to churn out films that they think might profit, rather than films that they find meaningful. What studio heads don’t understand is that honest and uplifting films are the most commercially viable ones, because audiences are hungry for a reminder of what’s truly possible in life.

Mean-spirited stories, scary films that discourage us, images that exploit and disrespect women, all these are marketed as sexy.

I believe that real human caring and empowerment is the new sexy. My mission is to become just one part of an entire wave of filmmakers and artists who share this vision.

“Birthday Books” Video

Here is the video Nabil shot for “Birthday Books” Storytelling Series. The series leads to an event on August 26th, and you can visit the Event Page for more information on how to donate books.

The first collection will be sent to Books for Africa, the world’s largest shipper of donated books to the African continent. Books are heavy and cost a lot to ship, so you can also help by making a monetary donation to keep “Birthday Books” alive and growing RIGHT HERE.