Nabil reading for “Birthday Books”

At Pier 54 in downtown Manhattan, Nabil recorded a segment for “Birthday Books Storytelling Series”, a project to encourage literacy in the inner city. BBSS involves the donation of books and will culminate in a showcase on Friday, August 26th.

The brainchild of actress, artist and singer Hjordy’s Matos, it is made to coincide with her 25th birthday and release of her first children’s book. She is looking to start a non-profit around the concept and you can learn more details about it at the Event Page on facebook, and more about the woman herself at

Nabil’s segment has him reading a passage from “Down These Mean Streets” by Piri Thomas, a well known memoir that influenced him growing up. All videos for BBSS are being beautifully captured by professional photographer Christine Jean Chambers, and can be viewed on Vimeo as they are being developed.

“Portraits” in W Magazine

W Magazine has done an article on David Michalek’s “Portraits in Dramatic Time”. It features a candid shot of Oscar nominated actress Catalina Sandino Moreno and Nabil Viñas on set. Check it out at W Magazine.

“Portraits” Opening Night

David Michalek’s “Portraits in Dramatic Time” had it’s opening night reception at Lincoln Center last night.

In this experimental visual installation, what at first appears to be a still snapshot of an actor on stage unfolds, gesture by barely perceptible gesture, into massively amplified theatrical nuance. David Michalek has photographed actors of all genres at 3,000 frames per second in ultra-high definition; these images have been slowed to a glacial pace—5–12 seconds play out over 8 minutes or more.

The stunning moving images are projected onto a mammoth, 85-by-45-foot screen hung before the facade of the David H. Koch Theater. You can catch the visual art from now through Sunday, July 31, nightly from 8:45pm to 11:45pm (Except Monday, July 11).

MORE INFO on “Portraits” and The Lincoln Center Festival

“The Re-Up” Video

Nabil has directed a guerilla style music video for the Bronx MC Tsi LaBrev.  Shot entirely in Puerto Rico on a small FujiFilm FinePix J10, it includes shots of Tsi in places like Luquillo, El Yunque, Old San Juan, Isla Verde and Ponce. The rugged visuals are for “The Re-Up” produced by Chris Maestro which is featured in the album Civilization and Its Discontents.  Nabil is credited under the moniker GB9.

iXact Interview

Nabil was interviewed by Issan Rodriguez (iXact) on Manhattan’s beautiful High Line Elevated Park in Chelsea. They speak on the basics like where the name Nabil comes from, why he’s chosen the arts and what projects he’s currently involved in.

ASYMMETRY by Rick Robinson

This week over at Studio54, the play ASYMMETRY by Rick Robinson made it’s East Coast debut. The story chronicles the halting first steps of three fledgling relationships, as six damaged people fumble for intimacy and balance.

Nabil played Miguel Montes, a professor and poet recently diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer who is confronted by his past.

The play was produced by Puffy Shirt Productions.

“Spaghetti Sauce” is wrapped

Nabil has wrapped on the short film “SPAGHETTI SAUCE” written and directed by Elizabeth Strong. The powerful short takes us into one evening in the life of a couple trying desperately to move forward after traumatic events. Paul (Nabil) is a husband coming home from work to find his wife Samantha (Malissa Longo) preparing a surprise dinner.

Nabil to appear in “Things I Don’t Understand”

Nabil is done shooting his scenes for “THINGS I DON’T UNDERSTAND” written and directed by David Spaltro. This is his second time collaborating with David after appearing in his debut film “…AROUND”. You can read all about the process at the film’s BLOG.