Nabil Joins Acclaimed Barefoot Team

We’re excited to announce that Nabil formally became an ensemble member of the critically acclaimed Barefoot Theatre Company. Barefoot produces exciting and innovative work, garnering an OOBR Award for Excellence, three New York Innovative Theatre Awards to go along with the attention and praise of The New York Times, New York Daily News and Boston Globe.

Barefoot has also recently branched into independent film, producing three short films with more projects in development. Nabil is thrilled to be welcomed into such a talented family of creatives and can’t wait to collaborate with this prestigious group on both stage and screen.

Learn more about Barefoot at



“Paradise Lost” on Discovery ID

It’s Honolulu, Hawaii in 1931. When the young aristocratic wife of a Naval Lieutenant is discovered bruised and beaten by the side of a dark road, a hackneyed scheme and a trigger-happy hand will lead to the most sensational murder trial in Hawaii’s history.

This past Thursday, Dec 27, A Crime To Remember aired it’s fourth episode of the season,  Paradise Lost. Nabil plays Detective Furtado, the lead agent on the case. Watch a clip below.

WINNER, Best American Indie for Tomorrow Ever After at FLIFF!


Savor Cinema, Ft Lauderdale. Photograph by Gregory Von Hausch.

I was down in Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale, Florida this past week to screen Tomorrow Ever After as part of the 31st Annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival. The audiences were incredibly excited and we had a blast talking to folks afterwards. We are proud to share that our film took home the BEST AMERICAN INDIE award, placing it alongside Lion (Dev Patel, Rooney Mara, Nicole Kidman) as one of the fest’s shining pieces.

The film has now won four awards after screening at it’s first three festivals. We have a feeling there will be more to come. Keep up with the project at

Memo and Nabil Viñas at Radio Caracol 1260AM


Another Award for Tomorrow Ever After at Flickers’ Rhode Island!


Tomorrow Ever After was a selection of the Vortex Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror segment for FLICKERS’ Rhode Island International Film Festival. The film’s director, Ela Thier, took home the BEST DIRECTOR Award, which now makes two festivals and three awards for this powerful feature film. Stay tuned for Fort Lauderdale and keep up with the film at

producer Inna Braude and writer-director-actress Ela Thier with the awards for Moondance Int'l Film Festival

producer Inna Braude and writer-director-actress Ela Thier at Moondance Int’l Film Festival

Nabil featured in Arts & Humanities at the Intersection

Nabil was featured at Arts & Humanities at the Intersection as part of a series called #ArtistsConnect. The program is part of Intersections International, an organization that leads people to unite across lines of difference in mutual pursuit of social justice, globally and locally. They are active at the crossroads of some of our world’s most critical conflicts, engage dissimilar communities in dialogue, service, advocacy and artistic expression. Learn more about their work


This week’s #ArtistsConnect post features Nabil Vinas, an award-winning actor and writer who was born and raised in Washington Heights, NYC. Nabil, also a former cast member of “Cadence: Home,” a TE’A production shares his reflections below:

“We’re really only allowed to express rage in sports or on stage or allowed to cry in movie theaters and funerals. Actors give us a vicarious experience that reminds us of our humanity. I’m proud to be part of that, and as a Latino man I make it my business to share vulnerabilities in my work to challenge our stereotype.

Racial equality is central to my work as a filmmaker, though I don’t necessarily write about it. Many Black/Latino films cater to what we think these groups want to see, so they’re pushed into a corner and viewed as niche. When ‘White’ filmmakers tell any type of story, the rest of us are expected to see them as “universal” or “normal”. I intend to contribute to the cannon that redefines what we call “universal” in our cinema.

I’m a co-lead actor and creative producer of the new feature film “Tomorrow Ever After,” which just premiered and won BEST FEATURE along with the AUDIENCE CHOICE Awards at Moondance International Film Festival. I am also developing my first feature film as writer and producer, adapting a novel by a well known Latino author.

Also, my short film “Come Back Hailey,” which I wrote and produced, is now available for free online:

Full Post Here:

Short Plays by José Rivera

(Nabil in CHARLOTTE by José Rivera, directed by Kat Yen and featuring Ronnetta Renay)

This weekend, Poetic Theater Productions presented TAPROOT, world premiers and re-imaginations of short poetic plays that explore growth and humanity in the context of social justice.

Nabil performed in two plays written by beloved playwright, poet and Oscar-nominated screenwriter José Rivera (The Motorcycle Diaries). They were directed by the always excellent Kat Yen of Spookfish Theater Company. Keep an eye out for her work at Second Stage in the coming year.

Love, Redefined

Poetic Theater Productions’ 6th annual celebration of non-commercial, non-traditional love featuring poetic and theatrical remixes, re-imaginings and riffs by more than ten incredible poets and playwrights responding to traditional sonnets and love poems.
Inspiration poems and newly developed pieces are presented side-by-side. Previous years included inspiration pieces by William Shakespeare, Pablo Neruda, Ghandi, Audre Lorde, John Donne, George Herbert, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, e. e. cummings and more.

Directed by Dontonio Demarco and Rebeca Rad,
Assistant Direction by Danielle Puretz and Katherine George.

Featuring new work by Ali Andre Ali, Anna Gothard, Catherine Weingarten, Everett Cox, Jacqueline Jones LaMon, Johnny Meyer, Jenny Pacanowski, Kate Foster, Keelay Gipson, Maurice Decaul, Nkosi Nkululeko, Nicole Goodwin, Reggie Flood, and Teniece Divya Johnson.

Cast TBA

Tickets Available Now!

Nabil Wins BEST ACTOR at Atlas Awards!

Congratulations to Nabil Viñas on winning BEST ACTOR at the ATLAS & AERIS International Film Festival!

He’s recognized for his performance as JIM, a husband eager to have children in The Cat’s Cradle, written by Tawny Sorensen and directed by David Spaltro. The film will become available online later this year – for now you can enjoy the sneak peak below.

The Inwood Film Festival Is Here!

As a native New Yorker who grew up playing baseball in Inwood and attending elementary school in what used to be the St. Jude School on 204th Street, Nabil is proud to announce that two of his films will play the inaugural INWOOD FILM FESTIVAL this coming March.

Both Come Back Hailey and On the Bench will be featured in PROGRAM B of the festival on Wednesday, March 2nd at 7:00PM. Click Here for Tickets and scroll down for more info on the films.




4020 10th Ave (btw 214 and 215th st) NYC 10024


C O M E   B A C K   H A I L E Y
When a jobless screw-up loses his girlfriend, he recruits his friend to help win her back.
directed by ELA THIER
written by NABIL VIÑAS

O N   T H E   B E N C H
When his mother calls to make him take in his aunt, the man on the bench must decide whether to turn his home and life upside down or say no.
starring MEMO
written by MEMO