Nabil Wins BEST ACTOR at Atlas Awards!

Congratulations to Nabil Viñas on winning BEST ACTOR at the ATLAS & AERIS International Film Festival!

He’s recognized for his performance as JIM, a husband eager to have children in The Cat’s Cradle, written by Tawny Sorensen and directed by David Spaltro. The film will become available online later this year – for now you can enjoy the sneak peak below.

The Inwood Film Festival Is Here!

As a native New Yorker who grew up playing baseball in Inwood and attending elementary school in what used to be the St. Jude School on 204th Street, Nabil is proud to announce that two of his films will play the inaugural INWOOD FILM FESTIVAL this coming March.

Both Come Back Hailey and On the Bench will be featured in PROGRAM B of the festival on Wednesday, March 2nd at 7:00PM. Click Here for Tickets and scroll down for more info on the films.




4020 10th Ave (btw 214 and 215th st) NYC 10024


C O M E   B A C K   H A I L E Y
When a jobless screw-up loses his girlfriend, he recruits his friend to help win her back.
directed by ELA THIER
written by NABIL VIÑAS

O N   T H E   B E N C H
When his mother calls to make him take in his aunt, the man on the bench must decide whether to turn his home and life upside down or say no.
starring MEMO
written by MEMO

INTAR One-Minute Play Festival

(Cindy Fernandez, Ying Ying Li, Jimmy Dailey, Charles Miller,
Nabil Viñas, Jaspal Binning and Daniela Hart)

This weekend, Nabil had the opportunity to work with co-directors Kat Yen of Spookfish Theater and the renown playwright and Oscar-nominated screenwriter José Rivera (Motorcycle Diaries) on a batch of new plays for the annual One-Minute Play Festival with INTAR Theater.

A large collection of talented actors performed new works from over 20 established and emerging Latina/o playwrights reflecting the society they see around them. It made for a unique creative experience and an exciting night of theater. For more information visit and

Conscious Language 2015

1 “And then Came the Word” by Timothy DuWhite
(Nabil Viñas, Luciana Faulhaber and Zoë Flowers)

Poetic Theater Productions presented the 2nd annual Conscious Language: Workshops, Conversations and Performances on the Power of Language featuring a 5-day generative workshop designed for poets interested in writing poetic theater and 4 evenings of performances and conversation with leaders in the field. Curated by Craig muMs Grant and Lauren Whitehead.

This year’s Conscious Language included a special performance of:
And then Came the Word by Timothy DuWhite
Directed by LA Williams
Featuring: Luciana Faulhaber, Zoë Flowers, Vanessa Rappa and Nabil Viñas

For more info on Poetic Theater Production, visit:


The world premiere of
Dijla Wal Furat: Between the Tigris and the EuphratesWritten by Maurice Decaul
Directed by Alex Mallory

In the infancy of the war, Iraq is already filled with ghosts. The lives of four U.S Marines, a French reporter and four Iraqis are forever changed after an errant mortar round kills a child during the rush to Baghdad. Phantoms haunt the people of a burning Baghdad, trying to prevent the bloodletting to come, and as Sadaam’s statue falls in Firdos Square, the Marines and Iraqis are forced together in a moment which will test their humanity, empathy and potential for forgiveness.

Ali Andre Ali, Victory Chappotin, Fahim Hamid*, Ankur Rathee, Temesgen Tocruray, Nabil Viñas,
Perri Yaniv* and Katie Zaffrann*

Friday February 6th at 8PM
Saturday February 7th Matinee at 3PM
Monday February 9th at 8PM
Tuesday February 10th at 8PM (Official Opening)
Thursday February 12th at 8PM
Sunday February 15th Matinee at 3PM
Monday February 16th Matinee at 3PM (President’s Day)
Tuesday February 17th at 8PM
Wednesday February 18th at 8PM
Saturday February 21st at 8PM (Closing)

Tickets are $18.00
Use discount code
FRIEND12 for $12 tickets during previews (Feb 6,7 & 9) 
Tickets can be purchased from OvationTix on 866-811-4111 or online at

All performances at the Wild Project (195 East 3rd Street, New York, NY 10009).

Stage Management by Abby Vincent; Lighting Design by Derek Miller; Video Design by Brad Peterson; Technical Direction by Ori Bensimhon; Costume Design by Liene Dobraja;
Sound Design by Jamie A. Diaz; Properties Design by Travis Bell; Scenic Design by Paul DePoo III; Assistant Direction by Jessica Barnhill.

Maurice Emerson Decaul is a former Marine, a poet, an essayist and playwright whose work has been featured in the NY Times, The Daily Beast, Sierra Magazine, Barely South Review, Epiphany and others. Maurice’spoems have been translated into French and Arabic. Maurice has been a recipient of a Callaloo Creative Writing Workshop Fellowship and his collaborations with noted poet and performer Mike Ladd and composer Vijay Iyer have led to the creation of two poetry based docu-concerts: Holding It Down and Sleep Song which have premiered in New York City and Paris respectively. His play Lioness premiered at the Intersections Festival 2014 in Washington D.C. He is a graduate of Columbia University and is currently working towards his MFA at New York University.